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We are leading suppliers of Methanol and offer same in Bulk Tanker Load at most competitive prices. Methanol is widely used in industries like Pharma, pestiside industries. It is also used in manufacturing of formal dehyde.

Methanol is a multipurpose chemical intermediate that is used in the manufacture of a broad range of downstream products which we use in our daily lives, including fuel additives, solvents, polymers and specialized compounds.

Molecular Formula: CH4O


Item In Limit

 Purity % W/T on dry basis - min. 99.85

 Water % W/W - max. 0.1

 Specific Gravity 20o / 20o-0.791 - 0.793

 Acidity as Acetic Acid mg / kg - max. 30

 CAS No. - 67-59-1

 U.N. No. - 1230


 Acetic Acid


 Methyl Amines etc.






 Supplied in tanker loads.