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Formic Acid


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We have gained expertise in supplying of Formic Acid, which is used as a coagulant for obtaining rubber from latex. This acid is also used as an auxiliary in dyes-in-leather industry for delining & pickling of fur fixing and for processing in textile industry. It is also used as an intermediate in manufacturing of basic drugs, vulcanization accelerators, antioxidants, plant protection agents, pesticides and cleaning agents. Further, our acid is also used in prevention of silage & grams and in electroplating & can be used as a solvent.


Item In Limit

 Total Acidity as HCOOH - 85% by mass min.

 Water - Rest

 Heavy Metals as Pb - 20 ppm max.

 Chlorides as CL - 0.005% max. by mass

 Specific Gravity - 1.192 at 25o C

 CAS No. - 64-18-6

 U.N. No. - 1776


 Rubber Coagulator

 Delining and Pickling of fur

 Plant Protection agents

 Vulcanisation accelerators and antioxidants

Packaging Domestic

 Formic Acid is available in 30 Litre(35 kg) HDPE Carboys and in S.S.Tankers.