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Concentrated Nitric Acid(98%)

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We are engaged as the leading suppliers of Concentrated Nitric Acid(98%) from a known number of years. we are marked as the best enterprise in the industry. We are having an expert team of professionals who is actively engaged in timely product delivered to the customers.

  • Highly pure
  • Longer shelf life


Item In Limit

 HNO3 Concentration - 98.5% by wt. min.

 Sulphate as H2SO4 - 200 ppm max.

 Nitrous Oxide as HNO2 - 500 ppm max.

 Chlorides as CL - 10 ppm max.

 Residue on lgnition - 500 ppm max.

 Specific Gravity at 25o C - 1.5

 CAS No. - 7697-37-2

 U.N. No. - 2031


Widely used in the manufacturing of

 Organic Synthesis(Dyes/Drugs/Explosives/Cellulose Nitrate/Nitrate Salt)

 Nitro Benzene.

 Nitro Chlorobenzene and Anilone.


 Supply in tankers made of Aluminium / SS 6mm thickness (minimum).